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Shangeyes and 50 cent mixtures

Agency models have become more fluid, and individual roles have become less defined. I see my role of an art director is not limited to considering just the visual side of things – I am able to guide an audience through the information being presented to them, using words as well as images, and creating structure and emphasis through the layout and typography. I appreciate the written content as much as the visual, taking on the role of a storyteller. I see myself as a mediator between writers and designers, understanding both disciplines and working closely with each. Someone who inspires and guides the vision of the design team. I think you have to be able to recognise the talent in those around you and learn how best to get the best from them.

As an art director, I work more with people than computers. And since I prefer to see the creative industry as a peoples’ industry, this collaboration and co-working is key to creating exciting new work. Through this, I want to create a culture of exploration and experimentation, but equally one where we are guided by the brand strategy and creative brief. We need to make sure our team is empowered and grounded, whilst being excited and inspired to push boundaries. We need to maintain a culture where the team feel nurtured and free to be the best they can.

Having the leadership skills to do this effectively and consistently is one of the most challenging requirements of me in my art director role – and is not always easy to find in a portfolio. Along with the highest creative flair and talent, it involves an emotional intelligence, compassion and the ability to understand overarching business objectives.

A believe a good art director has to be open to influence, inspiration and the expertise of the people around them, appreciating their talents, strengths and weaknesses, while maintaining a clear vision of delivering a message that speaks directly to the reader, viewer or user.

I have many layers to my life and experience beyond my years. From being a kid with a shangeye on a farm to growing up skateboarding in the big city. I’ve been on intrepid journeys and fanged my hot rod down the drag track. Living among culturally diverse people, laughing, loving along the way, I bring a unique perspective to any environment and I’m happy to forge my own path to get a job done and done well.

I want to help create great ideas and then execute them beautifully.

The serious work experience stuff



Freelance: JWT, Advance Publishing, Twenty CX, Contagion, The Pond

Concept Art: Amblin Entertainment, Netflix

Full Time: RAPP Tribal, Rebel Yell Gallery, Y&R, Lavender*, Robbins Brandt Richter



 2019 Letterheads Clever Bastard Award, 2017 Letterheads Winner, 2 Silver RSVPs, Gold Effie, 2 Bronze Effies, Silver Caples, 4 AOTE Awards, Winner of the KG Fraser Award.



NZ Film Television Academy. 

Auckland Creative Circle Buddy Program. 

3 Years Applied Art & Design WITT.

Proficient in Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere Pro. 

Caligraphy, Painting, Illustration, Photography, Graphic Design, Pinstriping, Hand Lettering.

portfolio - viral video

Auckland Transport "Drive Drink Free" campaign

portfolio - retail TVC

Ford - Small Car Summer Sale (1)


Ford - Small Car Summer Sale (2)

Film - Liverpool Street

Short film written by Stacey Roper

VIDEO - Mel And Stace 59 impala mystic TOUR

Holidays done right